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PPS Base

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Part Number: PPS-Base
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The PPS Base uses two radial bearing locking mechanisms to provide 3000 lbs of downward retention force. The failsafe system is air actuated for releasing pallets and spring powered (not vacuum powered) for the locking action. Pallets repeat to .0002" due to the precision ground locating pins. The combination of cast iron and hard-anodized aluminum construction ensures excellent rigidity, tough wear resistance and thermal stability.

PPS Base Features:
  1. Pallets locate on Hardened and Ground Tool Steel Pins
  2. Face Seal Diverts Chips
  3. Indicate along any edge
  4. Clamp on any side in any orientation
  5. Hard-Anodized Aluminum Body
  6. Zinc Plated Cast Iron Core
  7. Maintenance-Free Hardened Stainless Components

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