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SmartPlate - Rotary Subplate

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Blanchard ground and machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, these subplates for Haas Automation® rotary tables make mounting them a breeze. Rotary tables can mount in two positions - The right-hand position mounts the rotary outside of the machine's working envelope which maximizes table space in X. The left position provides an extra 1.400" of additional rotational clearance by placing the face of the rotary platter off the edge of the SmartPlate. Compatible with tables with T-Slot center distances of 3.15" and 4.92" and rotary models HRT-160, HRC-160, HRT-210 and HRC-210.

The SmartPlate comes with four 1/2-13 socket head cap screws and two alignment pins. All SmartPlates are 1.400" thick and measure 9.750" x 11.000".

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