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SmartVac 3 Base - 9.5" x 14"

Your Price: $675.00
Part Number: SV3-Base-914
The SmartVac 3 Vacuum Base is machined and ground flat and parallel to an accuracy of ±0.001". The Base easily connects to the SmartVac 3 Vacuum Power Unit (VPU) using a Connection Kit. It's even possible to link and operate multiple bases from one VPU. Plus, the Base is designed to accurately hold and position our Top Plates with a repeatability of 0.001". This opens up a world of custom fixturing to hold small or unique parts not readily held by a grid pattern. Base includes precision alignment bolts for Top Plates and toe clamps and bolts for attaching to T-slotted machine tables.

Also compatible with the SmartVac II System.

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